Friday, February 24, 2017

Dog Names And Meanings D-F

Dog NameDog Name MeaningSnippet of Info (Origin or History)
DabSmall amount, version of Dabney & DabiBasque & English
DakotaFriend, forever smilingNative American Indian
DemetrioFollower of Demeter, version of DemetriusGreek
DemiGoddess of corn, version of Demetruis, De is also an American name prefixGreek
DemonEvil spirit, evil heartGreek
DesdamonaIll starred, wretchednessGreek
DiamondHigh value, brilliantEnglish
DiceSmall numbered cubes used in gamesMiddle English
DieselType of gasUSA
DinoNickname for names that end with Dino like Bernandino, version of DeanItalian, Spanish & The Flintstones pet dinosaur
DixieTenth region of the US also known as "The Old South"French & English
D'obeys Dazzling DawnD'obey was the owner of this dog and dazzling dawn means shining USA
DollarForm of paper moneyUSA
DonutA small ring shaped fried cake, version of doughnutGerman
DoodleTo piddle aboutUSA
DotGift of god, version of DorothyGreek
DroopyGloomy, tending to droopMiddle English
DucaAn occupational name for someone who lived or worked in the household of a duke, from the title of the rank dukeLatin
DuchessMean, tough, royal, titlesAfrican
DustyBrave warrior, dusty area, version of DustinOld German& Old English
DutchessA women enjoyed with her pattens on or by a man in boots is a Maid of DutchessAmerican
EddyWealthy spear, protector, guard, friend, version of Edgar, Edison, Edward & EddieOld English & English
ElvisAll wiseScandinavian
EquaBigCherokee, Native American
EversStrong as a boarEnglish
FaithFaith, confidence, beliefEnglish
FillyA lively high-spirited girl or young women, a young female horseMiddle English
FlashBright lightAmerican
FluffyCovered with or resembling fluffAmerican
FofoMeans Fluffy in PortugesePortugese
FoggyBlurred or obscuredEnglish
FoxWild animalEnglish
FoxyAttractive, Female version of FoxEnglish
FritzPeaceful rulerGerman

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