Friday, February 24, 2017

Dog Names And Meanings C

Dog NameDog Name MeaningSnippet of Info (Origin or History)
CamcamCrooked noseGaelic
CandieFire WhiteGreek
CandyHonestLatin & a version of Candice
Canus Lupus FamiliarisGray (haired), pale gray - hare - dogLatin  
CappyNickname for The Capitals (Hockey Team)USA
CaptainA person high in rank in the service or in charge of a crewEnglish
CarmenGarden, OrchardHebrew
CarolFree ManGermanic
CarrieFree, version of CarolineEnglish
CaseyAlert & watchfulIrish
CashVain, version of CassiusLatin
CassieShining upon man, version of CassandraEnglish
CharlieFree manOld German
ChelseaChalk landing placeOld English
ChenaI am still researching the meaning and origin of this name 
ChiefIn chargeUSA
ChloeGreen shootGreek
CiciBlind; sixth,version of CeciliaLatin, Old Welsh
CinnamonWarm brown colored spiceGreek
ClaraBright, famousLatin
CobraSnakeLatin, Portuguese
Coca ColaMouth able to rejoiceChinese
CocoVersion of Nicolette French
CocoaPowdered ChocolateUSA
CodyHelperIrish & Gaelic
Colby von TannhauserName given to one of the first German Shepherd'sGerman 
CometCelestial (items in the sky) also energetic, fast & playfulSpace
CopperMineral of reddish brown colorOld English
CosmoOrder, harmony, beautyItalian & Greek
CrocroAcronym for cathode- ray (Oscillescope)I am still researching this origin
CupcakeSmall cake in thin paper with frostingAfghan
CurlyHead full of curlsEnglish

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